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Everything Is Going Haywire Inside Your Dog

The real secret to putting an end to your dog’s chronic skin and health issues is by focusing on what’s going on inside and helping them eliminate toxins as well as boosting their own natural health. Your dog’s skin (the biggest organ in their body) is considered an elimination organ. This means that when everything is going haywire with their internal organs and blood levels, the result is outward problems with their skin that includes rashes, itching, hair loss, and many other common symptoms.

All Of These Chronic Issues Arise Because Of Unseen Toxic Buildup: In Their Own Blood Stream And Internal Organs!

These toxins act as a roadblock to their natural health and internal processes. Everything in their body can be affected from their liver, their kidneys and even their entire digestive track.

The skin issues are not the real issue. The real issue is the toxicity inside their own body! 

“Extensive research proves that about 98% of the skin disorders in dogs are
caused by the increased toxicity that’s built-up in our pet’s organs.”

Typical itch medicines or creams never eliminate the CORE problem that’s going on inside your dog. These “solutions” are only temporary, and only act as a “Band Aid” approach to healing and restoration on the surface level only.

But luckily for you, now there’s a PROVEN & EFFECTIVE SOLUTION that’ll help heal and protect your own dog from the inside out, so their health and vitality can finally be restored once and for all!

"Introducing Detoxapet: The Safe & Effective Treatment That Heals Your Dog...From The Inside Out!"

dog scratching but no fleas

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Ansley's Little Miracle

I am absolutely pleased with Detoxapet, which I have been administering to my 17-year-old Lhasa Apso for the past month. Ansley was starting to fail, but not since Detoxapet became a part of her life! Here are a few immediate improvements: better vision so that she has enhanced depth perception and can perceive, when walking, the difference between concrete sidewalk transitioning into a grassy area. Although her walk is not like that of a puppy, she hops and then transitions into a nice gait and can do so for 30 minutes without apparent tiring. The five warts on her back have all disappeared! Constipation has ceased and food is being eliminated quickly. She is more energetic and wants to move around more. However after a month of daily dosage, I have tempered that. This is because toxins that have been in her body for 17-years are coming out voraciously, especially through the colon and kidneys. I do not want to overdo a good thing so am acting prudently. Notwithstanding, I look forward to the months ahead for Ansley! What has happened so far is short of a miracle! I anxiously look forward to the months ahead!"

Detoxapet does one thing, and it does it very well. It eliminates the built-up toxins that have accumulated in the liver, skin, kidneys and colon in your own dog. These are considered the real culprits behind all of your dog’s health issues, including the constant itching and scratching.

By eliminating these toxins from your dog, your dogs skin and organs will be able to return their normal function 

  • The final remedy so their health can be fully restored on all levels..
    Dry skin patches clear up and disappear. Your dog has more energy, better moods and is more playful again. Your dog enjoys a complete new lease on life, even enjoying increased longevity
  • Detoxapet goes one big step further for your furry friend...
    Detoxapet also supplies your dog with a massive dose of bio-nutrition / to not only help restore the much-needed nutrition their body needs and craves, but to help put them on the “fast track” to healing as well
  • Contains only 100% natural ingredients, made In the USA.
    Each individual scoop of Detoxapet Powder contains: Essential Vitamins, Minerals, Colostrum, ProDura Probiotic's (10 Billion CFU P/Scoop), Spirulina,  Prebiotic's, Antioxidants, Special Amino Acids, Enzymes, Proteins and Healing CoFactors. It also contains, Special Polypeptides, Phytonutrients, Powerful Healing Herbs, and Other Important Co-Factors, Disease Fighting Agents

Current Dog Owners Are Simply Raving About The Health Transformation They've Witnessed In Their Very Own Dogs, Thanks To Detoxapet...

Outstanding Product! I have an Italian Greyhound, Cloe, who has cushing's disease. She was having tremors and started falling when she tried to walk. I was desperate to find something that would help improve her health, it broke my heart to see her like this. I came across Detox A Pet, and after researching it I thought I would give it a try. I noticed a difference right away, each day she kept improving, she is now walking and the tremors are gone. I am so fortunate to have come across this product; I can see a marked improvement in her health, plus she loves the bacon cheddar flavor. I don't like wasting my time or money on a product that does not produce results or where the customer service is useless, this is definitely not the case here. I am very impressed by the results of Detox A Pet, plus their customer service is excellent, very caring. I only wish I had found this product sooner, it has made such an improvement in my dog's health and energy level. I highly recommend it!

by: Bermy1

All Your Dog Needs Is One Very Tasty Scoop A Day For Total Health And Transformation

Using Detoxapet couldn’t be any easier, or as affordable as this. Now you can say goodbye to expensive veterinary visits or wasting money on temporary dog care solutions that never last. With Detoxapet, all you need to do is mix or add one healthy scoop of Detoxapet to your dog’s food per day. You can adjust this accordingly if you wish.

And the best news of all, Detoxapet is vegan and has a
tantalizing taste that your dog will

Detoxapet is made with an amazing bacon-cheddar flavor that’ll make it impossible for your dog to ignore! Let the drooling begin! Now you can help your little 4-legged friend get back to the natural health and vitality that they truly deserve. Your only one step away!

So Your Dog GROWS GRACEFULLY old with you

It's So Much More Than Just A Dry Skin Solution, It Can Literally Save Your Dog's Life

  • 1
    Scoop one serving of Detoxapet a day:  loaded with anti-oxidants and special detoxifying agents that reduce oxidative stress in your dog. Your dog’s core processes begin to efficiently regulate themselves, allowing them to live their life to the fullest.
  • 2
    Sprinkle it on your dogs foodSee your dog enjoy the delicious all vegan bacon cheddar flavor of Detoxapet
  • 3
    No more dry skin...No more sluggishness...No more unfriendly unaffectionate behavior...Tremendously better liver health!

You Don’t Have to Take Our Word for It

Read What Our Many Truly Grateful Customers Are Saying:

“Nikki is jumping up the stairs again!..."

"Nearly a year ago, my then 12-year-old mixed breed dog, NIkki, developed a partial bowel obstruction and severe liver inflammation (blood results so high they were off the charts). After a night receiving fluids, she came home from the vet’s office and slowly recovered. She was placed on a supplement that was to help with the liver inflammation. On my own, I ordered a couple of other different products that would support the liver with different ingredients – Detoxapet was one of them. I gave her a couple of doses but with it being a powder and her improving, I didn’t stick with it. The product sat on the counter with her other supplements (for arthritis). She has always been a slender dog with lots of hair (probable sheltie/husky mix) and I noticed that her weight was not increasing and you could feel just skin over her bones, so I started giving her a half a container of wet dog food a day along with her dry kibble. After doing this for a month, it occurred to me that I could use up the product by putting Detoxapet into the wet dog food. Wow! what a difference! She has pretty arthritic legs but she started leaping up and down the short staircase we have to go outside via the family room. Our other young dog has appreciated that she is back to playing with him for a couple of minutes at a time. It definitely given this now 13 1/2 year old dog a new lease on life! I will definitely share this product with others including my dog’s vet."

NCHURCH77  //  January 25, 2018
spirulina for dogs

Dry Skin Problems For Your Dog? Just Get Results, Or Your Money Back.

Proven To Deliver A Whole New Energy And Vitality To Your Dogs Heart… Brain… Joints… And Every Organ, Muscle, And Cell In Your Pet's Body. For Immediate Benefits!

Detoxapet™ just works. We know it. Our  existing customers know it as well. By addressing the cause of your dogs dry skin, Detoxapet™ will surely help your dog not just get back lustrous hair but also enjoy better health and longevity, with visible results in as little as 10 days.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

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The Environmental Working Group found has found that American pets are polluted with even higher levels of many of the same synthetic industrial chemicals that researchers have recently found in people, including newborns! The results show that America’s pets are serving as involuntary sentinels of the widespread chemical contamination that scientists link to a growing array of health problems across a wide range of animals—wild, domesticated and human.

For immediate "Almost 

Miraculous" benefits!

Proven To Deliver A Whole New Energy And Vitality To Your Dogs Skin, Heart… Brain… Joints… And Every Organ, Muscle, And Cell In Your Pet's Body. For Immediate Benefits!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Secure Payment

Free Shipping

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't see results within by [just 10 days], just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund.

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P.S.: Detoxapet eliminates the built-up toxins that have accumulated in the liver, kidneys and colon in your own dog. These are considered the real culprits behind all of your dog’s health issues. Luckily for your old furry best friend you can finally put an end to the suffering and restore a whole new level of vitality. Give them the gift of a healthy functioning liver, and a stronger immune system.

And with their health restored on all levels, he or she will experience a more full and healthy life.

Yes, I want to my dog to start getting Detoxapets [benefits] now!