Detoxapet Dog Cleanse, Save Your Pet

We know how much you love your pets, but did you know that every-time you try to get rid of ticks and fleas using chemicals, your still using toxic chemicals on your pet, and these chemicals do absorb into your pets body. Just one reason why a dog cleanse is critical for good pet health.

These chemicals eventually find a place within your pets soft tissues – as the body finds it quite difficult to eliminate noxious chemicals, so they tend to build up over time.

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Every time you use an anti-flea or tick shampoo, spray or lotion, on your cat or dog, you’re actually using a venom for cockroaches to poison your pet, the member of your family, and without a dog cleanse toxins build-up. We believe this is quite inhumane, as we are all aware as the multitude of pests and parasites that prey on your beloved pets. And we know know that we need to protect our pets from these parasites to prevent serious sickness, or even death in some cases, to say nothing about the discomfort they cause for your pet’s and your family.

dog cleanse deals with Deadly adverse reactions

In fact, many of these toxic products intended to keep your pet’s pest free, have been the focus of federal government investigations, after a staggering number of adverse reactions to these toxic pest products. Many amazing pets have had their lives cut short, many that have even survived cancer, that their owners claim it was the flea and tick treatments, Without a dog cleanse, these pets begin to lose their bodily functions. The breathing becomes difficult, they start to shake and become lethargic – which is very heartbreaking for anyone to go through.

Why a dog cleanse? Over 44,000 complaints in 2006 alone came in from pet owners across the country complaining about various flea and tick products. These reports included both cats and dogs suffering from adverse reactions ranging from skin irritations and burns, to seizures, and even death. Owners are becoming more aware of how important a dog cleanse is as many dogs and other pets after using spot-on treatments have experienced vomiting needing emergency care, unable to keep down food, big gobs of hair coming out, gastrointestinal issues, skin diseases.

People are speaking out, While seeing the importance of a routine Dog cleanse

The EPA is not telling people to stop using the products, but cautions owners to read the instructions carefully and carefully monitor your pet for any side effects. Although most of these pet owners have clearly stated that they used the products correctly. There are many pet owners who are speaking out today, who are hoping to save the lives of other pets, so a dog cleanse you can see might be the best thing you can do for your pet. Don’t be afraid to question something, and to know exactly what it is your are giving your dog or cat. Losing a a companion pet is devastating and we hope to prevent as many of these events as possible.

The detoxapet dog cleanse. Know what LD-50 is?

We’re all aware of the multitude of pests and parasites that prey on our beloved pets. We know we need to protect our pets with the Detoxa-Pet dog cleanse due to these parasites to prevent serious sickness, or even death in some cases, to say nothing about the discomfort they cause for your pet’s and your family. So we routinely use the popular brands of flea and tick products that is recommended by our vets and pet shops, after all, these are the experts we know and trust. But, did you know that all the companies that produce the toxic chemicals we use to protect our pets from ticks and fleas do horrific testing on dogs and cats?

Many problems are avoided with a detoxa-pet dog cleanse

A dog cleanse is so important because the toxic substance exposure has dramatically increased. The problem is that there are several of these toxic pesticides that have been approved to be used on companion pets are connected to major health problems in people, diseases like cancer, respiratory and neurological problems.

Let’s be frank, when you apply anything on your pet that is from vast array of chemical based products, products that are intended to destroy fleas and ticks, you know deep inside this applying chemicals is not good natural pet health in the long run of our pets. Many of the collars, spray products, topical dusts and many more. So many today assume way too much when it comes to the safety of the these toxic products, after all, since the vet has recommend them, they must be safe, right?