Toxic medication, is that the best choice?

When the weather starts to turn and get warmer, is the perfect time for heartworm medications ads to start popping up with the normal scare tactics that are designed to tug at your wallet. But there’s something new about the ads, they urge pet owners to use the medication all the time year-round. Why the change al of a sudden? But some holistic vets feel that to prescribe monthly meds distorts, and over-emphasizes the real problem and is a unnecessary cost to pet owners.

The consensus in the holistic vet community seems to be concerned about the real long-term effects and the health safety of heart-worm meds. A very well-known vet, Martin Goldstein, wrote in his book The Nature of Animal Healing that he believes heart-worms as less of a problemthan the actual “disease-causing toxicity” of heart-worm meds.

When health intersects money, there’s a lot of room for conflict of interest. Only by understanding the business aspects and the truth about heart-worm transmission can you make an informed decision about if, how and when to protect your dog with commercial products.