Our natural remedies for dog allergies are for cats too

Our natural remedies for dog allergies (and cats too) easily restore your pet’s complete health!

Dogs and cats are cleaning themselves all the time -any noxious substances on pads or fur go right into their bodies. With today’s increasingly toxic environment, our pets are coming down with serious and inexplicable allergies and many health problems! Our natural allergy remedies for pets give fast relief from allergies, itching, dry skin problems, and so much more.

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Our Natural Remedies For Dog Allergies, Proven To Deliver A Whole New Energy And Vitality To Your Dog And Cats Life!

Our natural remedies for dog allergies get to the root of your pet’s allergies – toxic buildup triggers. Just as children ingest pollutants in tap water, play on lawns with pesticide residues, or breathe in an array of indoor air contaminants, so do their beautiful pets. But with their compressed lifespans, developing and aging almost seven or more times faster than children, our dogs and cats also develop health problems from exposures much more rapidly. This is why we’ve developed Detoxapet natural remedies for dog allergies, it gets directly to the cause. 

Detoxapet eliminates the built-up toxins that have accumulated in the liver, kidneys and colon in your own pet, and this causes many skin problems. These are considered the real culprits behind all of your dog’s health issues. Luckily for your old furry best friend you can finally put an end to the suffering and restore a whole new level of vitality. Give them the gift of a healthy functioning liver, and a stronger immune system.

And with their health restored on all levels, he or she will experience a more full and healthy life.

Healthier dog health food choices

Toxic metal analysis of commercial pet food

Natural remedies for dog seizures solution

See the amazing benefits Detoxapet can give your pet!

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01. How to use Detoxapet

Simply add Detoxapet powder to your pets normal food. It is made with an all-natural vegan bacon-cheddar flavor that pets eat up, they really love the flavor. Most pets use one-scoop (provided) each day to their food. Adjust accordingly. Plus, it’s packed with bio-nutrition, so don’t worry your pet is getting the best nutrition available.

02. What if my pet has allergies?

Detoxapet reduces the allergic symptoms as we reduce the toxins, and has also been formulated and developed for maximal efficacy, but using very safe ingredients that are very low allergenicity. Detoxapet is formulated using non-GMO, 100% vegan, and are completely free of animal products, preservatives, gelatin, wheat, sugar, dairy, and SLS. We understand that many animals who will be given Detoxapet may not be in ideal health, so the formula is gentle, yet powerful enough to bring your pets back to their best. 

100% natural ingredients
natural remedies for dog allergies
03. Contact us

Detoxapet fills the huge void that’s left by the mainstream treatments available to us today. We can say that our goals are the same as yours, we want your pet to live longer and stronger. Should you have any questions feel free to contact us anytime. Call 801-876-1783 or email us at support@detoxapet.com.

natural remedies for dog allergies

Finally say good-bye to dry skin, chronic itching and other problems for good with our allergy supplement for dogs

Do you want to get rid of your dog’s allergies, or just want a temporary fix? If you want a temporary fix, go to the vet – but if you want to eliminate your dog’s allergies for good, you’re at the right place. The only issue is what’s causing your dog’s allergies. Your vet will never address the cause of the allergy problems, so isn’t it about time that you do?

  • Scoop one serving of Detoxapet a day
  • Sprinkle on your pet’s food
  • See your pet enjoy the delicious all-vegan bacon-cheddar flavor
  • Immediate benefits, works fast
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Our natural remedies don’t ignore your pet’s increased toxic risk, are you?

Our pets today are at a huge risk, the risk of being exposed to lawn and garden chemicals, toxic compounds sprayed heavily on lawns, flowerbeds with the company pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and more. Our pet’s do sniff everything, they also lick and absorb so many chemicals right through their paws, so if they’re playing on a chemically treated lawn, they get dosed. Our dogs and cats today have  compressed and shorter lives, they develop and age faster than most kids, they also pick up diseases from toxic exposures much quicker.

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What pet parents are saying

Don’t just take our word for it. Hear what our customers have to say!

Thank you so much Detoxapet. I am so thankful, I stumbled across your product. I truly believe you saved my pugs life. His name is Spencer. This guy, my poor dog was dog scratching all the time and itching himself to death, panting for no reason, chewing on his left leg, and losing hair like mad. He chewed on the left rear leg so much, that most of the hair was gone. Well, after 2-1/2 weeks of giving Spencer this product, my wife couldn’t believe her eyes. The amount of hair loss is 1/4 of what it used to be. My dog scratching all the time and itching have completely disappeared, the panting has stopped, and no more leg chewing. He has no problem now, of jumping into my lap. Before, I had to lift him up. Spencer’s eyes seem to sparkle now., and he’s back to fetching a ball. Your product will always be a part of his life and mine.. Thanks for such an amazing product . Life is good again!

Thank you Detoxapet! Our 7yr old pit bull suffers for all kinds of food & environmental allergies. We have had her on a limited ingredient diet, no medication or flea/tick control and very limited immunizations (only for boarding purposes when needed), and she is still a hot mess. Despite all our efforts, she constantly breaks out in a horrible rash on her belly & hives all over her back, and she chews her paws til they’re raw. I came across Detoxapet online and read all the great reviews. I thought I’d give it a try for our dog. Within the first week we saw amazing results! She’s almost completely rash free! Her skin is really clearing up, the hives have gone down tremendously, and she’s not scratching incessantly. I was so impressed, I immediately placed another order so we wouldn’t run out! Detoxapet will be staple in her diet from now on. Thanks so much Detoxapet!

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natural remedies for dog allergies
natural remedies for dog allergies
natural remedies for dog allergies
natural remedies for dog allergies
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Give your pet the relief they deserve

No matter how careful we are, life today for our friends is taking a huge toll on your pets liver! Each and everyday it’s being overrun by a chemical onslaught, and it’s poisoning his or her bloodstream, virtually destroys precious systems like energy and vitality, digestive… and pulls down the health of every living cell in your pet’s body and speeds up the aging process.

Immediately works to detoxify the liver and other organs

Powerful Ingredients Combined With High Bio-Available Delivery

Give your pet the most important supplement of their life. Using Detoxapet couldn’t be any easier, or as affordable as this. Now you can say goodbye to expensive veterinary visits or wasting money on temporary dog care solutions that never last. With Detoxapet, all you need to do is mix or add one healthy scoop of Detoxapet to your dog’s food per day.

easy and works fast

  • It’s an easy to use powder, it starts working immediately. Stops your dog’s itching, biting, skin problems, and so much more with fast noticeable changes in behavior.
  • It targets irritants, triggers and allergy causative agents that trigger common dog allergies that build up in the body, and organs and skin of your dog and eliminates them from your dog’s body.
  • It remove the built-up toxins, chemicals, dangerous vaccine residues, that have build-up in the liver and other organs of your dog. 
  • It completely repairs, revitalizes and refreshes the skin, repairs, modulates immune functions, digestive and gastrointestinal functions.

packed with nutrition

  • Repairs the dermal skin tissues damaged in common dog allergies and restores youthfulness, vitality and skin shine, revitalizes your pet’s youthful and playful spirit. 
  • Repairs cellular functions, increasing the bio-nutrient absorption.
  • Each scoop contains: essential vitamins, minerals, colostrum, Produra® probiotics (10 billion CFUs per scoop), spirulina, prebiotics, antioxidants, special amino acids, enzymes, proteins, and healing cofactors. It also contains polypeptide’s, phytonutrients, powerful healing herbs and other important co-factors, disease fighting agents, b-vitamins, and omega 3-6 fatty acids.
  • It grows a new shiny coat, increases energy and playfulness, and gives your dog a whole new lease on life. 

for a powerful boost

  • Works gently, while supplying the special nutrients and herbal components to rebuild and repair the liver and the entire gastrointestinal system.
  • For a major boost in the immune system, digestive functions normalize, allergies stop, energy increases, younger looking, better behavior, more playful attitude. For relief from a multitude of symptoms. 
  • Easy peasy! Just mix Detoxapet Powder in your dog’s food, it has a tasty bacon-cheddar flavor (vegan), and it’s 100% guaranteed to produce results – or your money back. Let’s get started on healing your dog. 
  • All natural bacon-cheddar flavor – Detoxapet is a powdered, 100% natural product, simply add it into your pets kibble, or food, and watch them eat Detoxapet quickly
the world is becoming too toxic for dogs and cats

More Happy Pet Parents

I want to start out by saying…. I have tried everything imaginable to relieve my little pom. He has always been the happiest boy in the world. But I noticed a couple of years ago there was something wrong with his skin. He started having major hair loss, and I could see his poor irritated red skin. (it was even hot to the touch). To no avail whatever I bought to try and help him NOTHING was helping. Then a mouth ago I came across this FABULOUS website, and thought I have tried everything that I thought was chemical free and natural. But was actually no comparison to your company has come up with Detoxapet. Since adding this to his daily diet within two weeks, the redness is gone his scratching is subdued. Even his fungus smell is starting to go away…. I have a chihuahua and she loves the flavor also. I sprinkle Detoxapet on there grain free food. And every evening I mix a scoop with two TBS. of some wet food.. They giggle and dance the whole time I’m mixing there treat…. I can’t say thank you enough to Detoxapet and Jay Salmon for sharing your knowledge I will be a life long buyer. And keep you posted on the continuous improvement of my Pom…I HIGHLY RECOMMEND. And I don’t write reviews loosely.

We rescued Macy, a 5 year old Chocolate Labrador. Right from the beginning we noticed that she was suffering from itchy skin. She was fat as well, weighing in at 112lbs. When we took her to the veterinarian for her vaccinations we told the veterinarian about the excessive itching and the fur spots that Macy was chewing off. The veterinarian prescribed a allergy medicine that was so expensive ($90/mo) but it wasn’t really working for her. I started doing some research on her symptoms and stumbled upon Detoxapet. I made my 1st purchase and was delighted with the the results. Also I was so impressed by a personal phone call from Jay Salmon. By the end of month 2, Macy had transformed into a very healthy and happy Chocolate Labrador that was no longer itching and now had a beautiful shiny coat. Her energy levels were through the roof as she could do her favorite exercise, Frisbee, for 1/2 hour to 45 minutes and go on a long walk with me too. She lost 14 lbs and now tips the scales at 98 lbs. I love this product and recommend it to all my fellow dog lovers.

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02. How to use

Simply add Detoxapet powder to your pets normal food. It is made with an all-natural vegan bacon-cheddar flavor that pets eat up, they really love the flavor. Most pets use one-scoop (provided) each day to their food. Adjust accordingly. Plus, it’s packed with bio-nutrition, so don’t worry your pet is getting the best nutrition available..

03. 100% guaranteed

Your 100%  Satisfaction Is Always Guaranteed