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Pet detoxify…it’s common sense, basic to anyone who’s paying attention on how toxic our pet’s world has become

You shouldn’t be surprised to hear that today’s pet is simply overwhelmed by the slow accumulation of too many toxins. Yes, todays average pet is way too toxic, making Pet Detoxify critical for maintaining good pet health in todays world. But this fact is ignored by most vets, which is resulting in many easily preventable diseases. Your pet’s life really does depend on its ability to remove toxins. But today’s world is so toxic for our pets that they can’t eliminate the many toxins they take in – Detoxapet to the rescue!  Detox for dogs and detox for cats eliminates those built-up toxins that accumulate in the liver, skin, kidneys and colon, which are swamped with toxins, and causing so many preventable conditions.

Your pets’ body also produces its own toxins which is part of normal metabolism and digestion. But when your pet’s system is overburdened with toxins, dog detox is critical, because things inside aren’t not functioning right, because toxins are not eliminated, and they begin to build up in the major organs, organs that are required to detoxify the body. Organs such as the liver, kidney and digestive tract start becoming affected by dangerous toxins and can no longer fully accomplish their tasks. Detoxify-your-pet and Pet detoxify with Detoxapet also removes deadly toxins that start to accumulate in the inter cellular space (space in-between cells) and metabolic processes are obstructed. This leads to enzyme systems becoming blocked and free radical damage, resulting in immune dysfunction along with inflammation.

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What’s our pet detoxify secret?

We remove the toxins, irritants, the triggers, and the allergens in your dog’s body that’s causing so much grief, itching and pain- while cleansing and repairing the liver damage, cellular damage, immune, organ and skin health.

Pet foods are toxic

What’s in your pet’s food?

What’s the problem with flea and tick topical chemicals?

did you know that all the companies that produce the toxic chemicals we use to protect our pets from ticks and fleas do horrific testing on dogs and cats?

Toxic pet medicines

When the weather starts to turn and get warmer, is the perfect time for heartworm medications ads to start popping up with the normal scare tactics that are designed to tug at your wallet. But there’s something new about the ads, they urge pet owners to use the medication all the time year-round

Suddenly aggressive pet?

This behavior can point to liver problems. Millions of dogs are quietly suffering from a failing liver. All in spite of the love they get from their owners.

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Just like in humans, a dog liver filters all the toxins that come into the body

No matter how healthy or careful you are, modern life is very hard on your dogs liver, resulting in dog liver failure stages. Day-after-day, it’s overrun by a chemical tidal wave that’s poisoning his or her blood, destroying the energy and vitality, the digestive system… and drags down the health of every single cell in your dogs body and accelerates the aging process.


Vets today universally agree that any dog who eats just a commercial dog food is at a much higher risk of a premature death of some kind.

In 2007, there was a massive recall due to contaminated gluten from- you guessed it- China. As a result, a lot of people navigated toward pet care products that are ‘natural’. In almost every pet treat tested, the treats coming from China won first place in toxicity, with India second. Beware any kind of animal feed from China. Toxic treats and toxic pet food are linked to thousands of dog poisonings and deaths. 


Dangerous exposure to chemicals slathered on lawns and flowerbeds

Dog’s are omnivores, and they eat just about everything as something to chew on and eat.Our pets are at great risk of exposure to chemicals slathered on lawns and flowerbeds via pesticides and herbicides. Our dogs will sniff, lick and absorb chemicals if they’re playing on a chemically treated lawn. With our dogs compressed lifespans, developing and aging seven or more times faster than children, they also develop health problems from toxic exposures much more rapidly.

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