Pet food recalls

In 2007, there was a massive pet health care products recall due to contaminated gluten from- you guessed it- China. As a result, a lot of people navigated toward pet health care products that are ‘natural’. In almost every pet treat tested, the treats coming from China won first place in toxicity, with India second. Beware any kind of animal feed from China. Toxic treats and toxic pet food are linked to thousands of dog poisonings and deaths. Massive class action lawsuits spurred. A smart toxic food guide for pets is knowing how many toxic foods you might be giving your pet, especially heavy metals and chemicals in the food.

When health problems start to begin, many times it’s the skin that starts to reveal things. This is how the immune systems reacts to a disease. It keeps the problem away from the major organs for as long as it can – until more serious problems appear.

High levels of metals in pet food

In the past decade, consumer spending in the pet industry has doubled. Out of the $45 billion dollars spent in the US on pet products, over $17 billion dollars goes to pet food purchases.

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Choose carefully

The overload of toxins starts to overwhelm the immune system with too many toxins. Let this continue, and often we see the break-down of major body organs, and even cancer. Many people today are choosing the right pet health products to ensure good health in their pets, after all, you’re the only one that can.

And, again, maybe we should avoid pet health products containing ingredients from China. Too many complications arise from Chinese components to be a coincidence; the evidence doesn’t lie. Yes, the ‘rendering’ process many manufacturers use to produce pet food is downright disgusting, many would say vile. Of course, the rendering process cooks the ingredients, killing harmful bacteria. Yet another way greedy business owners can produce the cheapest food possible. Raw food is raw, bacteria, viruses, diseased meat and all; the point here is clear. If you truly want to feed your pet something high quality pet health products go for meat (as far as dogs go), but make sure it is cooked. Otherwise, Please- rather than spend extra money on something someone else promotes, do your own research with this toxic food guide for pets.

Common Sense

It’s common sense to be feeding your pet the most nutritious and healthy dog food you can afford. Most caring pet owners strive to give real quality dog healthy food that contains the proper nutrition and the important health support for their pets, this ensures an immune system running strong, while supplying nutrients for proper growth, health functions, and also to help prevent disease. But there is a disturbing trend today going on with dog health food today, and many world-famous doctors of veterinarian medicine, and published pet care experts, universally agree that any dog who eats just a commercial dog food is at a much higher risk of a premature death of some kind, and it’s often late to prevent a horrible death, mostly by a lethal injection. Even if you notice symptoms, many times it’s still too late.
Your reward for giving your pet the right healthy dog food and nutrition, is a a strong and nutritionally healthy, and very happy dog, that grows gracefully old with you – healthy longevity for your pet! Beginning today, you can make simple changes in the way you feed your dog , and avoid the alarmingly high risk of the many the many diseases our pet’s are suffering with today.
Beware any kind of animal feed from China.

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