What’s the problem with flea and tick topical chemicals?

We’re all aware of the multitude of pests and parasites that prey on our beloved pets. We know we need to protect our pets from these parasites to prevent serious sickness, or even death in some cases, to say nothing about the discomfort they cause for your pet’s and your family. So we routinely use the popular brands of flea and tick products that is recommended by our vets and pet shops, after all, these are the experts we know and trust. But, did you know that all the companies that produce the toxic chemicals we use to protect our pets from ticks and fleas do horrific testing on dogs and cats?

The procedures are absolutely heartbreaking. The actual procedure used is called LD 50, which is short for Lethal Dose 50, protocol LD 50 exposes animals to particular chemicals in order to determine the dose necessary to kill 50% of the test population of dogs and cats. Between 60 and 100 animals are required, and the testing time span spans from two weeks to many years. When test animals refuse to swallow noxious chemicals, they are then forced fed liquid chemicals by a stomach tube, or even through a hole that’s been cut in the animals throat. They even coerce animals to breathe chemical fumes and apply poisons to the animals shaved skin and inject chemicals to the animals abdomen. No pain killers are used, no treatment is given to injured animals, and those innocent creatures not fortunate enough to die are killed, autopsied, or recycled and used for additional testing.

LD 50 is not only condoned by government agencies, they are in fact funded with tax dollars, and kept secret from the public. The testing has become extremely lucrative to hidden laboratories on college campuses and research facilities,  and delivers huge profits to pharmaceutical and chemical corporations, pet shops and veterinarians.

 Animal experimentation is the most lucrative business in the name of science, the chemicals do kill the parasites, however, consider the following questions:
  • Why labels on some popular flea/tick products recommend you not to touch or handle your pet for 24-48 hours after you use their products?
  • Why do they say that their sqeeze-on and flea killers are not absorbed systemically?

The reason for this is because they don’t want you to think that these toxic poisons are not going to end up in your pets bloodstream. However, these treatments only work when the fleas/ticks and other isntect actually consume the blood of your pet. Millions are pets are getting sick, and many are dying from the deadly chemicals such as Permethrin and Pyrethrin, used in popular flea and tick medication, and it’s also used in Raid to kill roaches.