Detoxapet™️ Dog Allergy Treatment, Anti Itch For Dogs And Cats, Restores Health On All Levels. All-Natural. For A Whole New Lease On Life!


    • Safely eliminates the built-up toxins that have accumulated in the liver, kidneys and colon in your own dog and cat. Restores a whole new level of vitality.
    • Your pet will eat up our flavory bacon-cheddar taste, derived from special fruit extracts and natural flavor stabilisers, it’s 100% vegan and totally natural! They love it!
    • It removes irritants, triggers and allergy causative agents that trigger common dog allergies
    • Repairs, revitalizes skin and hair, restores youthfulness, vitality and skin shine. 
    • Modulates immune functions, normalises digestive and gastrointestinal functions.
    • Easy peasy! Just mix Detoxapet Powder in your dog’s food, it has a tasty bacon-cheddar flavor (vegan), and it’s 100% guaranteed to produce results – or your money back. Let’s get started on healing your dog. Each unit is a 30-day supply for most dogs, and contains 30 individual scoops (scoop provided).
    • Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed or your money back.
    Free Shipping. 100% Guaranteed.