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I have had my bulldog since he was 7 weeks old. At an early age the signs of outdoor allergies began. For years he would scratch his ears and make him self bleed. Nothing seemed to work until I found Detoxapet. Detoxapet has drastically lessened his symptoms and he is now more active. In fact, he loves the taste of it! Bonus! I recommend this for anyone who has a pet with allergies! Miracles do happen.

Doug F - Watson Approved

I tried a bottle with my Frenchie because he has the typical allergies and he was just acting lethargic. It worked wonders and he was acting like a little spunky puppy. I've since purchased 3 bottles and have now started to give it to my mothers 10-year-old Boston Terrier who is also acting years younger. They both can’t wait for their gravy. I think they not only love the taste but they know it makes them feel better. I love and recommend this product to everyone!

Lisa Bennet - Frenchie's Mom

My beagle was constantly licking and scratching and was just miserable. She was not able to relax at all. We started her on detoxapet and within just a couple days it was like a completely different dog! She was able to chill out, her scratching reduced 90%, and she seemed all around happier. She normally has dry, flaky skin but after about a week or so on detoxapet we saw her flakiness basically go away! I would recommend this product to anyone that has a dog with allergies. It is amazing!

abrandenburg7 - Beagle Mom

Thank you so much Detoxapet. I am so thankful, I stumbled across your product. I truly believe you saved my pugs life. His name is Spencer. This guy was constantly itching himself to death, panting for no reason, chewing on his left leg, and losing hair like mad. He chewed on the left rear leg so much, that most of the hair was gone. Well, after 2-1/2 weeks of giving Spencer this product, my wife couldn’t believe her eyes. The amount of hair loss is 1/4 of what it used to be. Itching has completely disappeared, the panting has stopped, and no more leg chewing. He has no problem now, of jumping into my lap. Before, I had to lift him up. Spencer’s eyes seem to sparkle now., and he’s back to fetching a ball. Your product will always be a part of his life and mine.. Thanks for such an amazing product . Life is good again!

Neil Freymiller - Spencer's Dad

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