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“The Real Secret To Putting An End To Your Dog’s Itching And Allergy Problems…”

Think of your pets body as a powerful machine, like a car. Regularly you send in your car to the garage for a check-up. Your mechanic tells you the oil is very dirty and thick, the filters are completely polluted and at any time the car could stop. Your dogs skin and hair is exactly the same. So without cleaning out the filters, your dogs dry skin and hair loss will probably get worse. 

The largest organ in your pets body is the skin - it’s an eliminative organ, this causes toxins to be reintroduced into the body through the skin, rather than exiting. You then start seeing allergic skin bumps, scabs, itching, hair loss are much more. Toxins actually start pushing through the skin causing so many easily preventable reactions. 

By not reducing the toxins inside your pet, this will be a continual problem. 

"Detoxification Is The First Step To Healing Your Dogs Skin Allergies".

When using steroids and drugs to stop the rash, the toxins are suppressed deeper into the body and cannot escape - this may cause health problems to appear on a deeper level in the future.

Your Dogs Skin Problems & Liver Health

If the liver is not doing its job of breaking down toxins efficiently, they must be eliminated from the body by other means – so they come out through your dogs skin! Toxins lodge in the liver and kidneys, shortening a dog's lifespan

Is Your Dog Scratching, Itching And Chewing On Themselves?

Today, our pets, like their human owners, are living in a sea of toxic chemicals – according to recent reports, anywhere between 80 and 100 thousand.  Chemicals disrupt an animal’s endocrine system: This compromises the immune and nervous system, increasing the risk of cancer, the leading cause of death in pets.

A recent report came out entitled "Polluted Pets" showing extremely high levels of  Toxic Industrial Chemicals.

Another study shows the extremely high levels of heavy metals in pet food! 

Another report shows the high amount of chemicals in pet food. 

A pet is a gift in our lives, they change our life and bring us happiness and gratitude. Our pets teach us responsibility, patience, kindness, discipline, playfulness and, most importantly, unconditional love. 

You must set the foundation for your pets well-being, that's detoxification and the right powerful nutrients. 

Isn't It Time For Your Pet?

anti itch medicine for dogs

Take Control

Our pets are under constant assault from the toxic chemicals contained in flea and tick preventatives and cleaning products. Now, in addition to skin problems, all sorts of chronic diseases such as - diabetes, allergies, Cushings disease, Addison's disease, kidney failure, liver failure, eye problems, loss of hair, hot spots, yeast infections, bald spots and even cancer are associated with these toxins. 

There's harmful skin effects of the numerous chemicals to which our dogs are exposed to on a daily basis. Everyday our dogs absorbs and then attempt to excrete these toxic substances that they are exposed to.  

When our pets become over-burdened with these toxins, their systems cannot adequately eliminate them, this leads the body releasing and filtering toxins through the skin causing many skin allergic reactions.

Typical skin reactions are bumps, patches, itching, scabs, dryness, red spots, hair-loss and more. It's impossible to avoid toxins completely! This is why the importance of supporting your dogs efforts to rid accumulated toxins cannot be overstated. 

Out With The Bad In With The Good

  • Your Pet's Body Is A Powerful Machine, Just Like a Car - It Needs Regular Maintenance
    Through experience and research we have found that in almost 98% of the serious skin conditions that an animal can suffer, the root cause is an enormous amount of accumulated toxicity in the pet's system. 
  • The Label Of The Disease Is Unimportant, What Matters Is Whats Causing Your Dogs Skin Problems
    The only thing that matters is what has caused the skin allergy symptom.The skin is the largest organ in the body. It is an eliminative organ where the body can rid its self of toxins. It is quite logical that the skin will acquire more than its share of these toxins/contaminants trying to be eliminated and various reactions will naturally occur--itching, scratching, chewing, clawing, digging, bleeding, hot spots, bald patches, open wounds, sores, loss of hair, biting. 
  • Our Pets Are Living In a Sea of Toxic Chemicals – According to Recent Reports
    There is only one way to stop your dog's misery and that is to get to the root cause of the problem--TOXINS. Remove the toxicity in your pet's body. Remove the chemicals and remove the heavy metals that are in every vaccination, remove the preservatives found in the foods and treats fed. Remove the cleaning chemicals we use in our houses, the toxic chemical pesticides we use to kill fleas and ticks on our dogs. 

Your Dog Can Finally Say Goodbye to the Itching and Allergies FOR GOOD!

THE FOUNDATION OF YOUR PETS SKIN HEALTH IS A CLEAN AND DETOXIFIED BODY. Our pets are at great risk of exposure to chemicals slathered on lawns and flowerbeds via pesticides and herbicides. Our dogs will sniff, lick and absorb chemicals if they’re playing on a chemically treated lawn. With our dogs compressed lifespans, developing and aging seven or more times faster than children, they also develop health problems from toxic exposures much more rapidly.

THE NEXT STEP IS TO STRENGTHEN THE LIVER, IMMUNE AND DIGESTIVE SYSTEMS.  The key to stopping allergies and to your dogs healthy skin is with a strong defense (immune system) system, this protects them from everything from skin allergies, germs to cancer cells. Most veterinary naturopaths and most holistic veterinarians believe that a weak immune system plays a key role in causing disease.



Detoxapet Powder is 100% natural, it stops itching, bumps, common dog skin allergy problems.

  • IMMEDIATELY WORKS TO DETOXIFY THE LIVER AND OTHER ORGANS - Gently, while supplying the special nutrients and herbal components to rebuild and repair the liver and the entire gastrointestinal system. For a major boost in the immune system, digestive functions normalize, allergies stop, energy increases, younger looking, better behavior, more playful attitude. For relief from a multitude of symptoms. 
  • RELIEVES DIGESTIVE SYMPTOMS, BOOST IMMUNITY SUPPLIES THE BEST NUTRITION - Pets need probiotics with nutrition, each scoop contains probiotics (10 Billion CFU Per Scoop), vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids, enzymes, proteins - all your pet needs to thrive! Detoxa-Pet™ ProDura® Probiotics work in conjunction with our specialized nutrition for normalized digestive functions, liver functions, assimilation of proteins, carbs, reproduction, muscle and bone growth, and skin and coat health.
  • 10X MORE EFFECTIVE THAN VITAMINS! Contains only natural superfood targeted nutrition, not synthetic vitamins. Easy to digest nutrition. It's packed with food-based nutrition, not synthetic, man-made vitamins which are absorbed only 5%. The nutrition in Detoxa-Pet is absorbed 100%.
  • FOR IMMEDIATE HEALTH BENEFITS, LASTING SYMPTOM RELIEF! All natural bacon-cheddar flavor - Detoxapet is a powdered, 100% natural product. It comes in an all-natural bacon-cheddar flavor (vegan). You simply add it into your pets kibble, or food, and watch them eat Detoxapet quickly.
  • 10 Bill CFU PET PROBIOTICS P/ SERVING. Developed by pet specialists and veterinarians. By the makers of Detoxamin®. Supplies omega 3 and 6, beneficial intestinal bacteria, cellular and muscle repair and natural glutathione production. Packed with nutrients, enzymes, amino acids, antioxidants, polypeptide’s, proteins, phytonutrients, co-factors. disease fighting agents. B-vitamins, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, iron, calcium. No China ingredients. Made in USA.

Now you can give your dog the lasting RELIEF they deserve.

  • 1
    Stops itching and allergies fast! Powerful fast-acting all-natural powerful ingredients.
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    Works fast! has natural bacon-cheddar flavor (vegan) 
  • 3
    Very Easy-to-use powder. Just Add one-scoop-a-day to your pets food. 

Use Just One Scoop A Day For 10 Days, If Your Not Completely Satisfied We'll Give You Your Money-Back

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What People Are Saying About Detoxapet

“Bumps on back and allergies gone!"

“My little Maltese has allergies. He gets bumps on his back that turn into scabs. He had them all over his back, like a bad case of chicken pox. I started him on Detoxapet , one dose a day, and they were gone in about 10 days! He is 9 years old and seems to have a lot of energy on this as well, and acts like a puppy. I will continue him on this as I love all the quality ingredients they put in there and all these ingredients are so good for our little fur babies! Oh, also great customer service as well!"

Christine Challen

“Dry skin and hair loss better..."

“After 10 days of using 1 scoop/day my dog has noticeable difference. He has gained some of his his hair back and his coat looks healthier.


“The results have been almost miraculous..."

“My sweet lab is between 13 & 16 years old. She came to me through a shelter. I've seen her decline in the past year to the point that I thought we would loose her during Christmas. I started her on Detoxapet after having some pretty amazing results for my clients with Detoxamin. The results with Pearl have been no less amazing, and actually almost miraculous. She is back to feeling and behaving better than I've seen her the entire last year. She is playful and bright with a really good appetite. She loves her Detoxapet so much that she actually begs for it. I am very grateful to this company for producing this product. 

J. English

“And my honest review is Detoxapet is amazing. My dog has stopped biting and scratching..."

“I have a very large dog that has always had digestive issues and skin problems. He is a long haired dog, and every summer we had to shave him to stop the biting and itching.  And my honest review is Detoxapet is amazing! My dog has stopped biting and scratching, and no more hot spots. He has a beautiful shiny coat, and even though he is 9 years old, he chases the grandkids around the house like a puppy. We have been able to teach him new commands, and he's taught himself several on his own. I will always be a user of Detoxapet for my Hachi and any future pets I may have in my household. I believe in happy, healthy pets who are a member of my family. And I only want the best for my family. This is it. I would HIGHLY recommend this product to anyone with a dog. I can't say enough good about it. Detoxapet is the BOMB!"

Lee Orange


Less Than 30 Days Later

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Give your pet the most important supplement of their life. Using Detoxapet couldn’t be any easier, or as affordable as this. Now you can say goodbye to expensive veterinary visits or wasting money on temporary dog care solutions that never last. With Detoxapet, all you need to do is mix or add one healthy scoop of Detoxapet to your dog’s food per day. You can adjust this accordingly if you wish. Give your dog the lasting RELIEF they deserve. 

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


“Ansley's little miracle.

“I am absolutely pleased with Detoxapet, which I have been administering to my 17-year-old Lhasa Apso for the past month. Ansley was starting to fail, but not since Detoxapet became a part of her life! Here are a few immediate improvements: better vision so that she has enhanced depth perception and can perceive, when walking, the difference between concrete sidewalk transitioning into a grassy area. Although her walk is not like that of a puppy, she hops and then transitions into a nice gait and can do so for 30 minutes without apparent tiring. The five warts on her back have all disappeared! Constipation has ceased and food is being eliminated quickly. She is more energetic and wants to move around more. What has happened so far is short of a miracle! I anxiously look forward to the months ahead!"

Amazon Customer

Why Hasn't My Vet Told Me About This?

Unfortunately for our pets, most Vets are completely unaware as to the damage this insidious toxic exposure has on our pets. In fact, the ingredients in many of the flea & tick products allowed for use on pets are linked to serious health issues in people, such as cancer and neurological and respiratory problems. Toxins will accumulate (bio-accumulate) for years until a point is reached when the amounts are such that they start to affect the whole body, particularly those with weakened immune systems..

How Do I Know My Pet's Toxic?

The Environmental Working Group found has found that American pets are polluted with even higher levels of many of the same synthetic industrial chemicals that researchers have recently found in people, including newborns! The results show that America’s pets are serving as involuntary sentinels of the widespread chemical contamination that scientists link to a growing array of health problems across a wide range of animals—wild, domesticated and human.

Analysis of blood and urine from 20 dogs and 37 cats in study conducted by EWG. Dogs and cats were contaminated with 48 of 70 industrial chemicals tested, including 43 chemicals at levels higher than those typically found in people, according to the study of plastics and food packaging chemicals, heavy metals, fire retardants, and stain-proofing chemicals in pooled samples of blood and urine from 20 dogs and 37 cats collected at aVirginia veterinary clinic.

Average levels of many chemicals were substantially higher in pets than is typical for people, with 2.4 times higher levels of stain- and grease-proof coatings (perfluorochemicals) in dogs, 23 times more fire retardants(PBDEs) in cats, and more than 5 times the amounts of mercury, compared to average levels in people found in national studies conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and EWG(Figure).

Another recent study has shown the our pets have very high levels of toxic heavy metals like, mercury. lead, arsenic, cadmium and more. The study found very high levels of these toxic metals in pet food, it's a must read for any pet owner who cares about the health and longevity of their furry friends. 

Just as children ingest pollutants in tap water, play on lawns with pesticide residues, or breathe in an array of indoor air contaminants, so do their pets. But with their compressed lifespans, developing and aging seven or more times faster than children, pets also develop health problems from exposures much more rapidly.

dog scratching but no fleas

For immediate "Almost Miraculous" benefits!

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