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  6. Increases pet lifespan & quality of life
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From the makers of the world famous Detoxamin comes Detoxapet, a unique and powerful pet detox formula that stops health problems in their tracks.

Toxins Build up in the Soft Tissues

Toxins build up and start overwhelming your pet, systems and digestion shuts down, the immune system is weakened, so now your pet becomes more susceptible to disease.

Amazing Health Benefits!

  • Complete Dog Detox & Cat Detox
  • Detoxifies & Repairs Liver Functions
  • Strengthens & Repairs Digestive Functions
  • Strengthens Immune Functions
  • Improves Cell Function & Repairs Damage
  • Feeds 10 Billion CFU Probiotics P/Serving
  • Feeds Important Bio-Available Nutrition
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    Brought back life to our dog. Works wonders and fast! This stuff works wonders and it works fast. Our dog has been very sick and has been reduced to walking so slow and seemed to be on his last leg and he is only 8yrs old. Within 3 days of using this and another immunity product the life started to come back into him. Its now been over 30 days and he is actually running on his walks and walking 20 times the distance than he did before. We owe our dogs health to this product. I would not hesitate on getting one for your dog, I would run and buy 2 or 3 and feed your dog to a better life. Wonderful product.


    Detoxa-Pet to the rescue! It’s specially formulated to target harmful toxins, giving your pet their spirit back, their sparkle, and their desire to play again. Absolutely no ingredients from China. 100% Natural & Non-GMO.

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    FAQ Wholesale

    Our pet’s bodies are not designed to handle nor eliminate today’s many toxins – so they build up in their organs and soft tissues. If your pet’s health symptoms are a concern, you really need to reduce the built up toxins in your pet. The biggest problem is the slow chronic accumulation and buildup, and it has become the most overlooked health problem that our precious pet’s face today.

    A clean & detoxified body is essential in achieving great pet health, especially in today's toxic environment. Exclusive to veterinarians who are concerned about holistic pet health comes Detoxa-Pet, a unique all-natural pet supplement perfect for today's veterinarian.

  • IMMEDIATELY WORKS TO DETOXIFY THE LIVER AND OTHER ORGANS - Gently, while supplying the special nutrients and herbal components to rebuild and repair the liver and the entire gastrointestinal system. The result is a major boost in the immune system and overall health, digestive functions normalize, energy increases, younger looking, better behavior, longer healthier life and so much more. For relief from a multitude of symptoms.
  • RELIEVES DIGESTIVE SYMPTOMS, BOOST IMMUNITY SUPPLIES THE BEST NUTRITION - Pets need probiotics with nutrition, each scoop contains probiotics (10 Billion CFU Per Scoop), vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids, enzymes, proteins - all your pet needs to thrive! Detoxa-Pet™ ProDura® Probiotics work in conjunction with our specialized nutrition for normalized digestive functions, liver functions, assimilation of proteins, carbs, reproduction, muscle and bone growth, and skin and coat health.
  • 10X MORE EFFECTIVE THAN VITAMINS! CONTAINS ONLY NATURAL SUPERFOOD TARGETED & SPECIALIZED NUTRITION, NOT SYNTHETIC VITAMINS - Easy to digest nutrition. It's packed with food-based nutrition, not synthetic, man-made vitamins which are absorbed only 5%. The nutrition in Detoxa-Pet is absorbed 100%.
  • FOR IMMEDIATE HEALTH BENEFITS, LASTING SYMPTOM RELIEF! ALL NATURAL BACON-CHEDDAR FLAVOR - Detoxa-Pet is a powdered, 100% natural product. It comes in an all-natural bacon-cheddar flavor (vegan). You simply add it into your pets kibble, or food, and watch them eat Detoxa-Pet quickly.
  • 10 Bill CFU PET PROBIOTICS P/ SERVING. FOR A HIGHER LEVEL OF HEALTH. BY THE MAKERS OF DETOXAMIN. DEVELOPED BY VETERINARIANS - And pet specialists, Supplies omega 3 and 6, beneficial intestinal bacteria, cellular and muscle repair and natural glutathione production. Packed with nutrients, enzymes, amino acids, antioxidants, polypeptide’s, proteins, phytonutrients, co-factors. disease fighting agents. B-vitamins, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, iron, calcium. No China ingredients. Made in USA.
  • Digestive Solution. The large intestine is where the majority of gut bacteria live, so Detoxa-Pet feeds ProDura® Probiotics to support healthy bacteria levels, while also supplying VitaFiber™ and flax to help trap toxins for safe effective elimination.
  • Nutritional, Vitamin & Mineral Solution. The small intestine is where the majority of your pet’s nutrient absorption happens, Detoxa-Pet’s easily absorbed and digested nutrients supply all levels of gut detoxification and feeds highly fortified broad-based essential nutrition.
  • Liver Support and Repair Solution. The liver is where blood detoxification happens, our special formula feeds rich vitamins, amino acids, antioxidants and synergistic herbal ingredients that support healthy liver detoxification and support. Keep bile levels healthy for strong health. The gallbladder is where the bile is stored, so Detoxa-Pet’s special vitamins, antioxidants and amino acids help the liver to produce healthy levels of bile for gut detoxification and health.
  • Strengthens Immunity. The gut lymphoid tissue (GALT) is responsible for tuning immune responses to food. We feed Probiotics, Colostrum and several herbal components to rebuild and maintain immune competence.
  • Associated health problems

    Bacterial imbalances, Weakened immune system and imbalances

    Difficulty fighting off disease, Liver problems (toxins gather in the liver)

    Cancer, tumors, Neurological problems, Kidney failure, Arthritis

    Intestinal, digestive problems & bacterial imbalances, Congestive heart disease

    Fungal diseases, Sluggish metabolism, Weight gain & obesity

    Our poor pets are toxic and need help