dog scratching but no fleas

Has Your Dog Suddenly Become Aggressive?

Your dog is showing anger because he is toxic.

Did your dog recently get a vaccine or booster shot?

dog scratching but no fleas

Don't overlook the obvious. All of a sudden one day you feel like your dog has become somebody else. Instead of the loving, energetic canine you've known for years, he or she is growling, snarling, maybe even biting. 

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What's Wrong?


Veterinarians say your dog didn't just wake up on the wrong side of the bed.

Many owners report sudden aggressive behavior after the very toxic rabies shots

 There is most likely something wrong with his or her health. Dog's can't tell you they feel terrible and their stomach hurts, so they simply lash out at family or strangers. It could be your dog is in pain and likes to have your near, but barks and growls at your friends who make her feel uncomfortable.

This behavior can point to liver problems. Millions of dogs are quietly suffering from a failing liver. All in spite of the love they get from their owners.


Just like in humans, a dog liver filters all the toxins that come into the body.

Your dog’s changing behavior is most likely emanating from liver disharmony. 

But unlike humans, dogs come in contact with LOTS of toxins:

  • Dog Foods are NOT regulated by the FDA. They can and do contain a wide variety of toxins that don't have to be printed on the label.
  • Vaccinations, Flea poison, and Deworm products release toxins into your dog's bloodstream and are soaked up by the liver.
  • Dogs eat just about everything in the back yard, on walks, and in the home. Their systems are designed for that, putting even more stress on their liver.


In short, your dog's liver may be overwhelmed and failing.

A liver imbalance in dogs will cause irritability, restlessness, and aggression. 

 This causes inflammation and pain all throughout your dog's body. If she is lashing out with suddenly aggressive behavior, moving slowly, or crying, it's time to help his or her liver become healthy again. 


Detoxapet is the natural canine supplement that powerfully benefits and rejuvenates the liver. It works to remove toxins from your dog's system. This lets the liver heal and rejuvenate. Your dog is finally able to get a break from all the flea and tick powders, dog food additives, and cleaning products they lick.

Detoxapet also contains a rich selection of Probiotics to soothe digestion, give your dog more energy, and help fight disease.

Get YOUR supply of Detoxapet and notice how quickly your dog feels better and acts calmly - even around strangers!

dog scratching but no fleas

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